Katzenbach Parents & Staff Educational Foundation, Inc.

Our sincere appreciation to our Donors 

triangle.gif (1928 bytes)Platinum - $500.00 and above

Abington High School's LEO Club
New Jersey Manufacturers
Bank and Insurance Company
Prince of Peace - Lutheran Church
Dennis Russell - Superintendent

triangle.gif (1928 bytes)Gold - $350.00 to $499.00

Coffee For A Cause- Residents of Luftman Towers and The Pavilion (Angela Santangelo - Fundraising organizer)

triangle.gif (1928 bytes)Silver - $126.00 to $349.00

Santangelo Family
Kathleen Vitelli
Washington Township-PBA - Local 344 - Robbinsville
Irene C. Leonardi
Jan Nemeth

triangle.gif (1928 bytes)In memory of Mary Renzo
John Renzo


Thank you to all who donated to the project!



**Special Thanks to Angela Santangelo

Angela's efforts in raising awareness throughout her community, family, and friends,  increased our fund by $1,000!


triangle.gif (1928 bytes)Bronze - Up to $125.00 - additional
donors listed below

Marion Bontz
Pre-school students- Saint Gregory the
Great's Gregorian Learning and Development Center
Lori and Ty Blazer
Christine and Steven Hechtle
Robyn and Kevin Knorr
Mary Jo and Robert Fiordaliso
Miriam and Vito Santangelo
Maryann and Rick Disick
Diane and Bing Ticse
Patty and Rick Myer
Suzy and Bill Bullock
Norma and Bill Predmore
Coleen and Grace Feeney
Deborah and Stephen Maginnis
Frances and Alfonso DeRosa

triangle.gif (1928 bytes)
In memory of Mrs. Susja Hagaman
Karen Miller-Timmons
Robert J. Miller
Jean C. Hagaman

triangle.gif (1928 bytes)In memory of Mrs. Betty Kilkenny
Thomas M. Buckley

triangle.gif (1928 bytes)Bronze - Up to $125.00

Pennington Quality Market, Warren and Gretel Braverman, Matt O'Grady, Mr. & Mrs. Jean Andre Joseph, Isabelle and Edward Sapanara. Joseph and Hedwig Worek, Tara and Scott Whitlock, Annette Deck, Deborah and H. Thomas Widmeier. Mary Ellis. Deborah and Frank Greco, Karen Russell, Michael Parrington & Helen Schenck, Cheryl and Michael Paradisco, Sandi and Mark Porter, Don and Joanne DeAngelis, Tim and Janet Sinkewicz, South Jersey Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc., Bob and Ruth Skrable, Sr., Flo and Pete Gange, Valerie and Albert Moore, Tom and Gail Potts, Ann Fajgier, Ken and Ellen Rooney, Geoff and Nancy Lewen, Joe and Cindy Armenti, Nancy Reyes, Paul C. Koenig Jr., Eric and Joanne Lasky, Orsola and Michael Anderson, Tracy and Bob Morelli, Mark and Victoria Giurano, Jodi and Jeff Stephens, David Westawski, Lynn Lewis, Michele and John Killeen Jr., Karen and Dave Pethybridge, Nancy and Chuck Petty, Lori and Jim Taylor, Susan Rauth, Linda and Scott Biondi, The Walter Family - including the pooch, Lainie and Chris Potter, Dr. John and Pam Szabo, Dr. Kathleen Foster

The need and right to communicate is the most fundamental of human rights.  To deny it is to harm the human spirit.  To foster communication is to reveal all the possibilities of life.
- Lawrence Siegel, J.D.