New Jersey's Specialized Child Study Teams (SCST)
Evaluation Services for Deaf  or Hard-of-Hearing Children
The New Jersey School for the Deaf
Partnerships for Children with Hearing Loss

The Specialized Child Study Teams (SCST) for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing  were formed to improve evaluation services for children and youth, in New Jersey, who have a hearing loss.

Services are provided by personnel who have expertise in evaluating children with hearing loss. Appropriate assessment data is critical to Individual Educational Plan development. Therefore, during the evaluation process the Specialized Child Study Teams are committed to obtaining the most accurate diagnostic information possible about each student. This information is utilized by the student’s Local Education Agency to define and choose placement options which ensure that instruction and related services provide a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.

The Specialized Child Study Teams for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing have been established to provide diagnostic educational evaluations to New Jersey’s children and youth who have a confirmed hearing loss and are age appropriate to receive school services. Services are also available to hearing children of Deaf adults, or for students who use, or are being considered for using sign language as their primary mode of communication.

Evaluations are contracted and paid for by school districts, however, parents can request the services of the SCST at an IEP meeting, or a meeting held to develop an evaluation plan.

Funding Base
The Specialized Child Study Teams have been established through the cooperative efforts of the Office of Special Education, the Office of Direct Services and the Katzenbach School for the Deaf, all within the New Jersey Department of Education. The teams are supported by a combination of fees for services and funds from the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, Part-B.

Additional Services to School Districts

The Department of Education mandates the position of a Regional Consultant for children with hearing loss. The Regional Consultant provides assistance in the improvement of educational programs and services for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  The duties of the Regional Consultant include assisting district Child Study Team members in the educational evaluation and development of an appropriate Individual Education Program (IEP). Read more....

For information or to request a referral packet contact:

Ms. Lorraine Asciutto
Team Assistant

609-530-3141 FAX

Fee Schedule SCST Services

Individual Evaluations each $400

• Psychological Evaluation
• Speech/Language Evaluation
• Educational Evaluation

On individual evaluations, SCST staff will not participate in the district’s staffing However, SCST members are available for a phone conference with the LEA.

Full Evaluation Package
Including Staffing* $1,750

• Social History and Evaluation
• Psychological Evaluation
• Speech/Language Evaluation
• Educational Evaluation 

Partial Evaluation Package
Including Staffing* $1,350

• Psychological Evaluation
• Speech/Language Evaluation
• Educational Evaluation

* Representatives from the SCST staff will participate in the district’s staffing to explain the results of the evaluations and discuss the SCST recommendations.